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Australia Pre-Enrolment

Introduction and agreement

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the Pre-enrolment period in Australia. By participating in Pre-enrolment, Pre-Enrolee (or "You") agrees to comply with the terms and conditions below, including any updates or future amendments thereto.

If You refuse or are unable to comply with any provision of these Terms & Conditions, You must not pre-enrol, or must voluntarily terminate your pre-enrolment account.

There are no purchase or inventory requirements in order to become a Pre-Enrolee, or later to become an Australian Consultant, other than the original purchase of the AUD$ 56.00[1] Australian Business Portfolio. All other Consultant purchases are completely voluntary.

By pre-enrolling, You declare Your interest in becoming a Rodan + Fields®("R+F") Consultant in Australia once Australian business operations commence.

R+F may revise these Terms & Conditions at its discretion at any time by posting an amendment on the R+F Australian Prelaunch Website. In the event that any such change is made, R+F will notify all individuals who have pre-enrolled via an e-mail message. By pre-enrolling, You agree to read and abide by any amendments or updates to the Terms & Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions are effective upon enrolling as a Pre-Enrolee and remain in effect until official Market Launch. At that time, all Pre-Enrolees who wish to become Australian Independent Consultants will be required to agree to the terms and conditions in the Consultant Application, the Rodan + Fields Policies & Procedures and any other applicable terms.


In order to pre-enrol through the pre-enrolment website, Pre-Enrolees must meet the Eligibility Requirements as set out below:

  • be 18 years of age or older;
  • be authorised to run a business, and have an address to which products, correspondence and other items may be sent, in Australia;
  • not be in jail or prison or otherwise confined to a correctional institution;
  • not have ever been convicted of an indictable offence;
  • not be a current employee, officer or director of R+F and/or its affiliates, or the spouse of any of the foregoing;
  • not be a current employee, officer or director of Nestlé S.A. and/or its affiliates, or the spouse of any of the foregoing; and
  • have a valid e-mail address and valid credit card

Pre-enrolment is NOT intended for Australians who wish to become Preferred Customers when Australian business operations commence.

A Pre-Enrolee must intend to become an Australian Consultant. Pre-Enrolees cannot pre-enrol Preferred Customers to their personal teams.

Prospective Consultants in the United States and Canada who wish to pre-enrol under the Sponsorship of a (prospective) Australian Consultant must contact the R+F Sales Support Team at

Pre-Enrolees will not be treated as employees or R+F Independent Consultants (Independent Contractors). Australian Pre-enrolees may not become U.S. or Canadian Consultants or Preferred Customers.

Rodan + Fields will verify eligibility of Pre-Enrolees and will confirm ineligibility if an individual does not complete the process correctly or does not meet one or more of the Eligibility Requirements set forth above.

A member of the R+F Compliance Team shall contact any ineligible person to confirm the details of her or his request and inform them of their lack of eligibility, if applicable. The ineligible Pre-Enrolee's contact information shall be removed from the pre-enrolment database.

Pre-Enrolment Process

You must fill out all information contained in the online form and all information provided must be legally accurate, including:

  • Pre-Enrolee first and last name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Unique e-mail address
  • Sponsor name
  • Password
  • Password validation

No credit card information or Australian Business Number shall be captured during pre-enrolment. This information may be required during enrolment once Australian business operations commence and the Pre-Enrolee enrols as an Australian Consultant.

Pre-Enrolees may only pre-enrol once. Should a Pre-Enrolee wish to change her or his contact information in any way, she or he must contact the R+F Sales Support Team at

Compensation, Rewards, and Programs

Pre-Enrolees are not eligible to earn R+F commission or any R+F profit during the pre-enrolment period. Pre-Enrolees are not eligible for R+F programs, recognition or incentives during the pre-enrolment period, unless otherwise announced by R+F.

Pre-Enrolees must not purchase a Business Kit, Business Portfolio or any product during the pre-enrolment period. Pre-Enrolees must not import U.S. or Canadian R+F products into Australia. There is no requirement for a Pre-Enrolee to make any purchase during the pre-enrolment period.

Pre-Enrolees cannot sign up for the Consultant Replenishment Program (CRP), Pulse Pro, Personal Websites, or RF PayDay during the pre-enrolment period.

No Consultant ID number shall be provided at pre-enrolment. R+F shall use a Pre-Enrolee's e-mail address provided during pre-enrolment as her or his unique identifier.

Sponsor Declaration

You may choose a U.S. or Canadian Consultant or a confirmed Australian Pre-Enrolee as your Sponsor. By choosing her or his sponsor during the pre-enrolment process, Pre-Enrolee is agreeing to enrol with the same Sponsor when s/he enrols as an Australian Consultant at the time that Australian business operations commence.

It is mandatory that the Sponsor selected at the time of enrolment as an Australian Consultant be the same individual selected as Sponsor during the pre-enrolment period.

Rodan + Fields shall audit each enrolment to ensure that the same individual is chosen as Sponsor during both pre-enrolment as well as enrolment as an Australian Consultant.

If your pre-enrolment Sponsor is another confirmed Australian Pre-Enrolee who decides not to enrol as an Australian Consultant at the time Australian business operations commence, you will be assigned to the first available Sponsor in your upline.

You may also choose to pre-enrol without a Sponsor. By the end of the pre-enrolment period, you will be matched with a Sponsor if you have not already selected one.

Sponsor information (U.S. and Canadian Consultant or Australian Pre-Enrolee) may be searched using a Sponsor's name and/or e-mail address in the online pre-enrolment form.

Should an error be made during the pre-enrolment process, You will have 48 hours to contact the R+F Sales Support Team at in order to sort out any discrepancy.

Once 48 hours has lapsed, your Sponsor identified in the system will be considered final. Should you wish to enrol with a different Sponsor, you must wait until official Market Launch and then follow the procedures outlined in the Rodan + Fields Policies & Procedures, which will then be in effect. These procedures require that Consultants wishing to switch Sponsors terminate their account and re-enrol after a six (6) month waiting period.

Confirmation of Pre-Enrolment

Upon successful pre-enrolment, you shall be re-directed to the "My Account" page and shall be provided with your personal link to use to share the pre-enrolment opportunity with prospective team members in Australia. You shall also receive an e-mail within two (2) business days, confirming your pre-enrolment with R+F.

For Pre-Enrolees who choose to pre-enrol under a U.S. or Canadian Sponsor, once Pre-Enrolee's pre-enrolment is complete, the U.S. or Canadian Sponsor shall receive an e-mail confirming that s/he has a new Australian Pre-Enrolee on her or his personal team.

For Pre-enrolees who choose to pre-enrol under a confirmed Australian Pre-Enrolee Sponsor, once Pre-Enrolee's pre-enrolment is complete, the confirmed Australian Pre-Enrolee's Sponsor shall receive an e-mail confirming that she or he has a new Australian Pre-Enrolee.

Personal Information and Consent to Receive Emails or Phone Calls

Once a Pre-Enrolee pre-enrols, her or his Sponsor shall receive details of the Pre-Enrolee's pre-enrolment, including Pre-Enrolee's full name, city and state or territory, phone number and email address (Pre-Enrolee's "Personal Contact Information").

In addition, the Pre-Enrolee's upline, up to five levels above his or her Sponsor, shall receive the Pre-Enrolee's full name and identity of his or her city and state. Sponsor (but not the upline) may choose to reach out to Pre-Enrolee by email or telephone in order to communicate with her or his Pre-Enrolee.

By pre-enroling, You agree that R+F may share your Personal Contact Information with the person that you have chosen, or was named, as your Sponsor as well as with your upline, as indicated above.

As a Pre-Enrolee, by providing your email address, you agree to the disclosure of your email address and phone number to both R+F and your chosen or named Sponsor. As a Pre-Enrolee you also agree to the disclosure of your name and city and state to your upline, up to five generations above the Sponsor.

Neither R+F, nor Sponsor will send any commercial message (in the form of an email, text message, social media message or otherwise) to any individual who has opted-out of pre-enrolment. You also agree not to send any commercial message (in the form of an email, text message, social media message or otherwise) to any individual who has opted-out of pre-enrolment.

You further agree not to use such opted-out individual's Personal Contact Information in any manner. Information about R + F's privacy practices and procedures is contained in its Privacy Policy and Privacy Collection Statement.

Pre-Enrolee Commitments

Each Pre-Enrolee agrees to:

a) conduct her or his prelaunch activity in Australia in a professional manner that reflects favourably at all times on R+F, the R+F brand, and R+F products;

b) avoid deceptive, misleading and/or unethical practices;

c) make no representations, warranties or other statements about the R+F products or business that are different from those found in Company-provided R+F marketing materials;

d) make no attempt to bind R+F to any agreement or pursue, waive or compromise any of R+F's rights;

e) periodically review the R+F Australia Prelaunch micro-site for any amendments to these Terms & Conditions; and

f) otherwise comply at all times with any laws, regulations, or rules in addition to the terms of this Agreement.

In addition, each Pre-Enrolee authorises R+F to use her or his name, photograph and personal story as well as any photos, video or testimonial or other endorsement material ("Materials") submitted by the Pre-Enrolee to the Company in R+F promotion materials and:

i)                 waives any claims for remuneration for such use of the Materials by R+F and

ii)                consents to any use of the Materials by the Company (or its nominee) in any manner which, but for her or his consent, would infringe Pre-Enrolee's moral rights in the Materials.

Presenting Rodan + Fields

Pre-Enrolees agree to use only R+F marketing materials, including information contained on the Australia R+F Pre-launch Website, to present the R+F business and the opportunity to become a prospective Australian Consultant or Pre-Enrolee to others and to always represent the program accurately and in its entirety.

Each Pre-Enrolee agrees to inform any potential prospective Australian Consultant and Pre-Enrolee that, upon commencement of business operations in Australia, product sales to customers are mandatory in order to receive commissions or bonuses.

Each Pre-Enrolee also agrees to instruct any prospective Pre-Enrolee to carefully review these Terms and Conditions prior to enrolling.

Pre-Enrolees may not make any representations or claims regarding actual or potential income or earnings.

Marketing Materials

Pre-enrolees may not use any marketing materials or sales aids other than the R+F marketing materials provided in connection with marketing the brand or business opportunity. Rodan + Fields may, in its sole discretion, change or discontinue any R+F marketing materials at any time.

Rodan + Fields Content and Confidential Information

Rodan + Fields is and shall be the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest in and to the R+F Trade Marks (as defined below) and other R+F Content (as defined below) and all intellectual property and proprietary rights therein, subject only to specific licences granted to the Pre-Enrolee in this Agreement, and R+F expressly reserves all such rights.

Pre-Enrolees shall not acquire or claim any rights in any R+F Trade Marks or R+F Content. No Pre-Enrolee's use of any R+F Trade Mark or R+F Content shall give the Pre-Enrolee any right, title or interest in or to the R+F Trade Mark or R+F Content and all such use and associated goodwill will inure solely to the benefit of R+F. Pre-Enrolees shall not share or disclose any confidential information of R+F except as expressly permitted.


Subject to full compliance with this Agreement, R+F grants to each Pre-Enrolee a non-transferable, non-exclusive right during the term of pre-enrolment period to use the R+F Trade Marks solely to discuss the R+F products and to indicate that the Pre-Enrolee is a prospective Australian Consultant of R+F.

Rodan + Fields Trade Marks and R+F Content

R+F trade marks include but are not limited to: Rodan + Fields®, the Rodan + Fields® Logo, Rodan & Fields™, R+F® (Stylized), RF™ (stylized), Rodan + Fields ENHANCEMENTS™, Rodan + Fields ESSENTIALS™, Rodan + Fields REDEFINE™, Rodan + Fields REVERSE™, Rodan + Fields SOOTHE™, BELIEVE IN MORE. EMPOWER CHANGE®, LIFE-CHANGING SKINCARE™, PRESCRIPTION FOR CHANGE®, Pulse™, Solution Tool™, AMP MD™,ENHANCEMENTS™, ESSENTIALS™, REDEFINE™, REVERSE ™, and the names and likenesses of Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

My Account Page

Pre-Enrolees shall be able to view, when logged in, (in her or his "My Account" page) any other Pre-Enrolees who pre-enrol on his or her team within the pre-enrolment system.

Pre-Enrolees will also receive a unique link to send to other Australians who would like to sign up via pre-enrolment under his/her team.

No other tiers of Pre-Enrolees, apart from those on someone's personal team, can be viewed on the My Account page.


By accepting the terms of pre-enrolment, you are providing R+F consent to communicate with you via e-mail, phone or any other form of communication (via social media, etc.) so that you may receive newsletters, e-mails and other communications regarding pre-enrolment and details and timing surrounding the commencement of Australian business operations.

[1] GST inclusive

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