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I am using the SPOTLESS Regimen and my breakouts are getting worse. What should I do?

The acne cycle is also influenced by hormones, stress and other physiological and environmental factors, all of which may contribute to flare-ups. Having a few more breakouts when you begin using the SPOTLESS Regimen may be normal. However, if you have been using the products for over a month and you are still experiencing increased breakouts, please contact the RF Connection at for assistance.

I’m using the SPOTLESS Regimen and my skin is dry. What should I do?

Slight tightness or mild redness may indicate that your skin is adjusting to the ingredients in the skincare Regimen. This is a common occurrence and may last up to two weeks. If you experience dryness while using the SPOTLESS Regimen, layer a moisturiser over SPOTLESS Acne Clearing Treatment, such as SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment or SOOTHE Moisture Replenishing Cream.

How long should I use the SPOTLESS Regimen?

You can use this skincare Regimen for as long as needed, but just because your skin is clear, it doesn’t mean it’s time to stop. Continuous use of the Regimen helps maintain skin clarity. Once your skin has been breakout-free for an extended period of time, you may consider shifting to once-a-day use of the SPOTLESS Regimen.

What products can I use during the off times while I ramp up the SPOTLESS Regimen?

We recommend that you use gentle cleansers, moisturisers and sunscreens as you ramp up to using the SPOTLESS Regimen twice a day. Avoid other products containing acne ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, Retinoids, Alpha-hydroxy Acids like Glycolic, or any scrubs and mechanical brushes, as they can result in irritation. The SOOTHE Regimen is a good option for your skincare Regimen.

Can the SPOTLESS Regimen be used on my body?

You may use the SPOTLESS Regimen to address body acne as well. Ramp up as directed to twice a day as needed to cleanse, dry out and control acne breakouts on the body. When using the SPOTLESS Regimen on the body, apply a lightweight moisturiser if skin feels dry. Be aware that Benzoyl Peroxide can bleach fabrics, so wear white clothing and use white linens and towels.

What is the BPO2 Technology in the SPOTLESS Regimen?

Oxygen and Benzoyl Peroxide is acne’s worst nightmare — when it’s actually able to make its way into the pores. The problem with traditional acne-fighting products is that Benzoyl Peroxide is distributed unevenly across skin’s surface, limiting its effectiveness in cleansing and drying out acne blemishes. Unlike these traditional products, our BPO2 Technology dissolves and evenly disperses Benzoyl Peroxide to deliver more of this acne-fighting ingredient and oxygen into pores. The result? More effective acne solution and prevention, starting Day 1.

I am allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide. Can I use the SPOTLESS Regimen?

Both products in the SPOTLESS Regimen contain Benzoyl Peroxide. Unfortunately, if you are allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide, you will not be able to use the SPOTLESS Regimen. If unable to use Benzoyl Peroxide, one can benefit from the UNBLEMISH Gentle Exfoliating Acne Wash with Salicylic Acid and gentle exfoliators and the SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment featuring R+F Peptide Technology. This multi-pacifying formulation is clinically tested to help reduce the visible signs of redness and inflammation that are common in acne prone skin.