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Relive all the excitement from last year’s Rodan + Fields® Convention and gain access to breakout sessions, behind-the-scenes action and on-demand broadcasts. This all-in-one platform connects you with your R+F community and beyond.

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Join Dr. Katie Rodan, Dr. Kathy Fields, the R+F Home Office Team and thousands of R+F Consultants as we take over Las Vegas, Nevada, for an extraordinary three days of innovation, collaboration and celebration. Don’t miss the event of the year taking place October 5-8, 2017.

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Business Presentations


Join us for a Rodan + Fields Business Presentation to discover how you can be part of Life-Changing Skincare™ and help others redefine their skin and their futures.

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Business Redefined Learning Events


These learning events are designed to help Independent Consultants take their Rodan + Fields businesses to the next level by developing fundamental business behaviours known to help drive growth. Learn to effectively share the Rodan + Fields brand, build a strong business foundation and find your R+F voice, all in a fun and engaging environment.

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Consultant-Led Events


Attend a Consultant-led event for a Rodan + Fields Consultant-led event in your area to discover how you can create your own R+F journey and redefine your future with Life-Changing Skincare.

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